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. The result: SMART systems that enable you to identify, control, and track your most important possessions from virtually anywhere in the world, while increasing payment frequency and Customer Communication… Your system is accessible from ANY Internet browser (even your iPhone!)

What does Crossbow do?

  • Reaches the vehicle… NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE!
  • It provides a communication channel between lien holder and customer.
  • It can locate your asset 24/7 and display it on a map.
  • It can safely disable the vehicle starter.
  • It can provide you with real time speeding notifications.
  • It can send real time alarm notifications via an email or SMS to your cell phone.
  • Maintains COMPLETE histories.
  • Makes location history available with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • And More!

Exactly how does Crossbow work?

Main technologies help you manage your assets:

  • Location technology
  • Starter disablement

We communicate all of this with the Crossbow unit using our enterprise system.

  1. Satellites continually track your vehicle or asset locations. High above the Earth are 24 Medium Earth Orbit satellites that constantly transmit signals back down to Earth. These signals are picked up by a highly sensitive GPS receiver within your Crossbow unit. This receiver is then able to determine the location, movement and speed of your vehicle.
  2. Satellites transmit vehicle information to you. To accomplish this we use a cellular transceiver within the Crossbow unit that operates on existing digital cellular networks. It’s through these networks that you are able to establish the communication link necessary; for sending and receiving both information and commands back and forth to your vehicle and customers. Once the information or command is received and acknowledged by the Crossbow unit and enterprise system, it is then communicated back to the Crossbow servers where the results are then presented to the user.
  3. You can control the vehicle and view the information through a web browser.

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